My current favorite makeup products!


Hello ladies and gentlemen! Today I wanted to share some  of my current favorite makeup products that I use on a regular basis! Now I know this is not ground breaking news. But I thought a light fun article for those that live makeup like myself might enjoy. I thought I would share my favorites incase you are looking for new products to use.

Before I get started I would like to share with you my type of skin. The type of skin you or I have plays a big roll in the products that you use. I have dry to combination skin. I struggle with eczema and it irritating my skin to the point of breaking out at times. So my skin is very sensitive and my choice of products is important.

1.) this one is slightly more expensive than the other products I will mention.

Tarte BB cream!  I love this stuff even on its own without foundation. But I also love it under my foundation using it as more of a primer. It helps to moisturize my skin and give me a tinted moisturizer look with its light formula. If you want a perfect complexion for your foundation start with using a light weight bb cream…it will make worlds of a difference!  Do not try a medium to full coverage bb cream under foundation it will look cakey…this is why I like light weight formulas.


2.) Maybelline cover stick ( the white one)

this cover stick works well to cover dark circles if you haven’t slept well or if there is redness that you want to disappear. I use this as a base concealer before I use foundation or bb cream it just wakes up my under eyes.


3.) L’oreal Lumi Foundation ( I absolutely love this liquid foundation.)

Because I have dry skin it really adds life to my sometimes dull dry skin. It gives me a nice natural looking glow. I tend to love the more natural looking foundations. If you have never tried this you should!


4.) Rimmel stay matte powder. (the translucent one)

I always set my makeup to make sure it lasts all day. I get this powder in translucent to make sure it is clear and I am not adding another layer of color to my skin…because I want it to look natural, glowy, and not cakey. This powder is so affordable and leaves my makeup well set all day and a natural finish.

Rimmel Stay Matte powder 02.jpg

5.) For another concealer for more fancy days that I want to look more polished I use Drew Barrymore’s daily brightening concealer from her brand flower. You can find the brand flower at walmart.

I love all this stuff from her brand flower! The daily brightening concealer is full coverage and really helps to polish your under eyes and hide blemishes.

You should really look into trying her brand flower at walmart..everything is just flawless like high end makeup at drugstore price.


6.) Eyes shadow palettes I have been using regularly that are drugstore and affordable! Maybelline nude palettes!  I love the shades and the quality of these eyeshadows! I love them all but my favorite is the blushed nudes!



7.)  For eyeliner I have two favorites one is high end and one drugstore!

The high end one I love for making winged eyeliner and knowing my eyeliner wont mess up all day long (literally amazing) is Stilla’s stay all day felt tip liquid eyeliner! This stuff is phenomenal! B0031NNE56_angle.jpg

the second eyeliner that I use for more everyday and drugstore affordable is Maybelline’s Unstoppable eyeliner …I am also in love with this stuff for regular eyeliner .


8.) for lips I have been loving the drugstore affordable NYX butter glosses and lipsticks… and Wet n wilds balm stain sticks!


9.) for blush I have been loving maybelline’s  fit me blush for a natural flush of color!


10.) lastly for highlight on a day I want a little bit of a extra glow but still natural is the NYX radiant finish powder! I love to put the on the tops of my cheeks bones, my cupids bow, the bridge of my nose and the middle of my chin.


11.) I almost forgot mascara! How could I possibly do that! Mascara is important! I love L’oreal’s Butterfly Sculpt mascara in waterproof! I am obsessed with this stuff so amazing! Give it a try!


That wraps up my current makeup favorites! Thank you for staying tuned! I hope this helps you if you are looking to try new products! I will make updated posts as I find new products that I love! If you liked this please follow for more fun posts!



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