My music playlist and favorite artists currently (need new music to listen to?)

shutterstock_138386987Have you been getting tired of the same old music you have been listening to for the  last month? Do you need a new music playlist or song ideas?

I may be weird but I like to change up what I am listening to quite often while also incorporating some of the old into my weekly playlist.

I should also mention that I am a huge music lover (slightly obsessed) and listen to music regularly because it helps me get through all times in my life…it inspirational to me. I also like for my playlist to be well rounded with different types of music. When people ask  me what my favorite type of music is …it can be difficult for me to narrow it down to specifics because I like a little bit of everything. 🙂

Without anymore blabbering lol here is a playlist of 23 songs that I love currently.

1.)  Ariana Grande -side to side 😀

2.) Ariana Grande – Let me love you ft. Lil Wayne

3.) Ariana Grande – Everyday ( yes I am a fan of Ariana Grande’s latest album haha give it a listen)

4.) Charlie Puth – We don’t talk anymore – Ft. Selena Gomez ( something about the sound of this song is so addicting to me haha)

5.) Demi Lovato – Body say ( always a fan of Demi’s :D)

6.) Katy Perry – Rise (love the motivating and inspiring feeling of this song)

7.) Now before you judge this one try jamming out to the beat first! ( addicting) Britney Spears – Make me ft. G Eazy

8.) Tinashe -Player (a little bit old but a goodie)

9.) Tinashe – All hands on deck (always will be a favorite of mine)

10.) Rihanna _ Needed me (always dancing to this)

11.) twenty one pilots – heathens

12.) Future – Low life ft. The Weeknd

13.) The Weeknd – The hills (Oldie but goodie)

14.)The Weeknd _ Often (another oldie but goodie that makes it into my playlists love the beat)

15.) Demi Lovato – Stone cold

16.) Hilary Duff – My kind

17.)  Hilary Duff – tattoo ( love the acoustic version)’

18.) Gnash – I hate you, I love you

19.)  Major Lazer – Cold water

20.) Twenty one Pilots – Rides 😀

21.) Skillet  -Feel Invincible

22.) x ambassadors – unsteady

23.) Florence and the machine – wish that you were here

So thank you for staying tuned and reading this post! I hope these songs keep you musically inspired in life… I tried to keep this first play list more simple and nothing to dark or too controversial  🙂

If you like this please leave a comment or share this blog post! 🙂 Stay tuned for more fun and some serious post coming soon!ipodearphones


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